This 4-Letter Word Earned the Sale

Three weeks ago I called the local newspaper to cancel my subscription.

The person I spoke with at the newspaper used all the right words – especially one “positive power” word – to try and change my mind.

First she said, “I’m so sorry you have decided to cancel.”concerned-woman-on-phone-medium

(She sounded as though she meant it.)

Then she asked an important question:

“May I ask why you would like to cancel your subscription?”

I was truthful.

I answered:  “Because I get most of the news online and I don’t usually have the time to read the newspaper.”

Then she used that powerful positive 4-letter power word.

It worked.

Even though I teach students in my online e-course to USE this word, I have rarely heard it used in a business conversation with me.

This professional not only asked the right questions, she actually listened to my answers.

After I told her why I wanted to cancel, she described a new “special” offer.

It was an offer I could not resist, especially when she used that persuasive positive power word.

What was this “magic” 4-letter word – and how did she use it?

She said:

“We would love to keep you as a customer.”      Four-letter-word-tn

And then . . .

“There is one special offer you may want to take advantage of.”

I was all ears.

The offer was a two-day a week newspaper delivery:  Wednesdays and Sundays.

After telling me about the offer, she asked:

“Would you like to try that for 14 weeks?”

I said yes.

Three reasons she earned the sale:

1.)  I felt as though she really cared and did not want to lose me as a customer.

                  (Whether that was true or not; it is the impression I had.)

2.)  I did not want to say “no” to her because she used all the right words and – honestly – I felt she deserved the sale.

3.) She asked for the sale!

If you have not been using “Love” in your conversations with prospects and clients because you feel it is not professional . . .

. . . think again . . .

. . . because it works!

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