The Luck Factor in Sales

Are you a lucky person?

Or are you someone to whom catastrophe often happens?

According to Professor Richard Wiseman in his book The Luck Factor, you can become luckier through changing your thoughts and behaviour.

Professor Wiseman conducted research with 400 volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds.

He explored why some people seemed to lead charmed lives full of lucky breaks, while others experience one disaster after another.

He found that lucky people generate their own good fortune.    Luck-tn

He used the principles he found as the basis for a Luck School. 80% of those who participated increased their level of luck, happiness and success.

Five characteristics lucky people demonstrate:


Lucky people adopt a resilient attitude that transforms “bad” luck into good.

They find the good in a bad situation, realizing how a circumstance could be much worse.

More than that, they see opportunity coming out of a negative experience.

These attitudes help them to keep their expectations about the future high, and increase the likelihood of continuing to live a lucky life.

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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Seneca 

Consider what you really want for yourself. Positive expectations lead to self-fulfilling prophesies.

Cultivate the language of positive expectation.

Get away from talking about how bad everything is, and anticipating the next disaster in life’s soap opera.

Assume that good will come from the most difficult of events.  It will.  In time.

Visualize: imagine the best outcomes you wish to take place.  Expect the best.


Make lucky decisions, based on your intuitive guidance.

Listen to, and evaluate what you hear inwardly with an open mind.

With practice, you may discover that spontaneous decisions are well rewarded.

It is possible to fulfill a very good life based on the inner resource of your intuition.


Be available for chance opportunities; a new business venture, your life partner, the journey of a lifetime.

Lucky people consistently encounter such opportunities because they are open to them.

Anxiety and tension decrease your vision, in every sense.


Good luck does not necessarily just happen.

You may not know that a person who is “lucky” has been applying themselves to an objective for some time.

Many of Professor Wiseman’s lucky participants went to considerable lengths to introduce variety and change into their lives. Doing so increased the number of chance opportunities they encountered.

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