How to Add New Clients without Cold Calling

Woman-on-Phone-smilingThis may surprise you.

An American Management Association study shows that “only 65 percent of clients buy every year where they bought before.”

So . . . how do we find new customers to replace the 35% lost each year? Start cold calling?

Cold-calling for new clients may be the most dreaded activity in a salesperson’s day.

But how do you add new customers if not by cold-calling?

Advertising, Email and direct mail marketing can lead to prospects calling you to order.

But there is a much less expensive – actually no-cost – way to add new customers without cold-calling and it takes very little effort.


Research shows that only 12% of sales people ever ask for referrals.

Think about the last time a friend told you about a good restaurant with delicious food. You believed your friend, more than you would believe the owner of the restaurant. And you probably enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the restaurant your friend recommended.

Two effective ways to ask for referrals from your current clients:

1.  “Who else do you know that could benefit from using our products?”

2.  “If you were to recommend our company and products to a friend or associate, what would you say?”

After this:

*  Don’t say a word until they answer this question.

*  Don’t put words in your customer’s mouth.

*  DO Write down what your customer tells you.

*  DO thank your customer for sharing this information

10 New Prospects

Just think:jumping_woman-teeny If you set a goal that for one week you will get two referrals each day from your customers, at the end of the week you will have 10 new prospects to call and they won’t be as a result of cold calls.  Nice!

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