How to Convince them to Switch

Convince-tnSo . . . you have a prospect who buys everything from your competitor.

Or . . . there are clients who purchase a few products from you, but not all that they could be buying.

How do you persuade them to start buying your products – or to buy additional products from you?

How do you convince your prospect to change his/her mind?

Think about this:

There are reasons they might NOT want to switch

They are afraid to make a change – most people have the fear that to make a change means taking a risk.

Other reasons they hesitate:

  • Bad past experience. They tried a product or service similar to yours and were not happy with it, and/or
  • They don’t want to take the chance of having problems.  (Nobody wants problems.)

One effective way to help prospects feel more confident about buying from you:

Use testimonials and positive quotes from your current clients (who love you).

Providing current testimonial letters written on a customer’s letterhead stationery will cause the reluctant prospect to think again, and realize that “hey, I guess if other people – other businesses – are using this product, (or service) it must be okay.”

What should a written testimonial say?

  • It should be phrased in a way that takes away a risk or eliminates a fear.
  • It should be phrased in a way that shows a value benefit.
  • A testimonial should overcome an objection: ”I thought their price was too high, but I bought it anyway. Now I know they have the best value.”
  • A testimonial should claim a happy ending: .Ease of use. . . Speed of service. “Now my employees love using the new copier.”

How do you get testimonials and positive quotes from your clients?

The answer is: You earn them and ASK for them.

Wondering how to ask?

You can get great testimonial request letters in my e-book with 63 copy-and-paste business and marketing letters.