Why a Car Wrap Beats Social Media

popcorn-tinyWhat is the difference between popcorn and a casserole?


Fast and slow.  Flash and substance.

Simple and complex.


NOTE: Today’s guest post is by Marcia Coffey, a communications maven + full-time web
, who believes that design and marketing are equal partners on this digital platform.
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American small business owners are turning up on the social web in droves, but seeing little return on investment.

So maybe a flash and dash car wrap is a better ad vehicle . . .car-wrap-tn

. . . because social is a patience game and that can be a bitter pill.


If you think that setting up a Facebook page or Twitter handle (or even a LinkedIn company page) will open the floodgates to an Internet’s worth of sales leads, think again.

But social actually can be a powerful lead generator, just not in the way you think.

It’s really a place to build loyalty, answer customer service questions and to build a community.

Revenue will come.


Through trust and loyalty.  The best kind.  Not popcorn.

Above all, social media is a brand builder on whatever level you do it, expending how much or how little time you can afford to develop your company’s presence on select platforms.

Visitors to your website EXPECT to see those little social icons in the footer or header. They automatically make your small business look bigger, they automatically showcase your expertise and establish your authority.

Small business owners also need to think of their  social presence as an extension of what’s happening in their physical locations whether it’s a storefront or service business.

Facebook is a great place to extend your personality online so that customers existing and new feel connected.

With a few subtle shifts in priorities and an adoption of the long view, small business owners can put themselves back on the path towards success … and sales.