Can You Handle the Truth?

Every now and then we are lucky enough to find someone who offers services in a profession crowded with non-professionals. Someone knowledgeable, with a successful track record who is very good at what he or she does. Someone who – when you ask for an opinion – instead of telling you what you want to hear, will tell you the truth.

child-face-scared-tn“Can you handle the truth” is paraphrasing what Jack Nicholson said during a courtroom scene in the film “A Few Good Men.” His actual words (shouted to the character played by Tom Cruise): “You can’t handle the truth!”

Sometimes we need to hear the truth.

But I didn’t know the truth in my situation would be sort of painful, though necessary.

This is what happened:

I found a web designer online – Mike – who offered on his website “A free no-obligation website or project review.”

On another page of the site there was an easy-to-fill out form asking questions like “What’s on your mind?” and “Tell me more . . .”

Since I needed a few changes on my blog that require knowledge of HTML, and I don’t know HTML (it’s on my bucket list) I filled out the form and submitted it.

I thought I might never hear from him again, but . . . what did I have to lose by filling out the form and emailing it?

And . . . I thought . . . if I did get a reply, it would probably be five short bullet points with a few polite suggestions.

A few days later I received a five page review of my blog. Five pages!

As I began to read, I realized this would not be just a cursory review. It was detailed. Very detailed.

Halfway through the first page I stopped reading for a few minutes and realized this person actually read every word of my posts and my blog. Each and every page.

Midway through the first page he explained that I am confusing Google. I am confusing Google? Ouch.

I had to stop reading until much later, afraid I would read something even worse.

When I worked up the courage to read more of his review, it included SEO recommendations and suggestions that I knew would take time to complete, but are necessary if I want my blog to have a better chance of being found on Google – or any other search engine.

When I spoke with Mike on the telephone, he listened. He didn’t interrupt or try to talk over me with an explanation of his expertise.  This inspired confidence, so I decided to hire him for a few “fixes” (updates) on my blog. These were completed quickly and were exactly what I wanted. Impressive.

Then he went above and beyond, making suggestions I had not thought about.

Now I am in the process of deciding exactly what I want a new blog and a new website to look like. I want to hire him to build a completely new site for me, possibly combining my website with my blog.

If you ever have the need for a knowledgeable and dependable website designer – even if you only want a review of your current site – get in touch with Mike Truese Creations. You will be glad you did.


About Mike Truese Creations:  Mike has been rescuing great businesses from bad websites since 1999. He knows that a great website is liked by both people and Google. It has to be fast to download, easy to navigate, responsive (work on any mobile device), and great looking, too! Tell him Ann Barr sent you, and he’ll take 10% off any new website he creates for you.


How to Add New Clients without Cold Calling

Woman-on-Phone-smilingThis may surprise you.

An American Management Association study shows that “only 65 percent of clients buy every year where they bought before.”

So . . . how do we find new customers to replace the 35% lost each year? Start cold calling?

Cold-calling for new clients may be the most dreaded activity in a salesperson’s day.

But how do you add new customers if not by cold-calling?

Advertising, Email and direct mail marketing can lead to prospects calling you to order.

But there is a much less expensive – actually no-cost – way to add new customers without cold-calling and it takes very little effort.


Research shows that only 12% of sales people ever ask for referrals.

Think about the last time a friend told you about a good restaurant with delicious food. You believed your friend, more than you would believe the owner of the restaurant. And you probably enjoyed a wonderful dinner at the restaurant your friend recommended.

Two effective ways to ask for referrals from your current clients:

1.  “Who else do you know that could benefit from using our products?”

2.  “If you were to recommend our company and products to a friend or associate, what would you say?”

After this:

*  Don’t say a word until they answer this question.

*  Don’t put words in your customer’s mouth.

*  DO Write down what your customer tells you.

*  DO thank your customer for sharing this information

10 New Prospects

Just think:jumping_woman-teeny If you set a goal that for one week you will get two referrals each day from your customers, at the end of the week you will have 10 new prospects to call and they won’t be as a result of cold calls.  Nice!

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