How to use Bartering to Attract New Customers

Barter-System-tnOne Virginia Beach business owner is using a successful form of bartering (and marketing) to add perceived value and attract new customers.

A good example of how he does it:

In September I took my car to the local Citgo station for some needed work. They have been taking care of my cars for years, with good results.

When the work was completed I checked out and paid the bill.

The receptionist gave me a piece of paper which read:

“Write a review about your service and we will reward you with a free hand car wash. Visit our website and click on the “Write Review” tab and tell us about our service. Stop in with review proof and receive your free hand car wash with an appointment.”

I made the time to write a good review and scheduled an appointment for the car wash.

On Saturday I took my car into the station for the free hand car wash and now my car is cleaner than ever except when it was brand new :)

The barter: A good online review in exchange for a free (needed) car wash.

The marketing: Good reviews add to the perceived value of the business and attract new customers.

Anyone looking online for where to have a car serviced in Virginia Beach will see dozens of positive reviews for this Citgo service station.  A great way to attract new customers!


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Can Chocolate Chip Cookies Increase Your Sales?

The answer is YES!

Especially if you sell consumable products.

One of my clients on the West Coast used this promotion with great success.

You CAN use fresh-baked cookies to increase your sales . . . if you’re willing to do the baking.

How it Works

Which day is usually your slowest day?   Let’s say it’s Tuesday.


To increase orders on Tuesdays this month, offer a special “Cookies on Tuesdays” promotion.

Send an email to your customers with your special offer:

“Chocolate chip cookies for you when you order [product] on Tuesdays this month!”

Whoever places an order with you on Tuesdays this month will receive a dozen fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with their order.

Use a minimum order amount:  $25, $50 or whatever works best for you.

At your local grocery store in the refrigerated section,  buy a roll of Pillsbury ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookies . . .

. . . unless you have the time to bake the cookies from scratch :)

Post the announcement of your cookie promotion on Twitter + your Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Let me know how this works for you!

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How George Hill’s Flyer Won New Customers

Last summer my aunt Ginny found a marketing flyer on her front doorstep.   She was so impressed with the wording on the flyer that she called and read it to me.  It was from George Hill, a local handyman, plumber, electrician, painter; you name it and he said he can do it.  This flyer uses a really unique approach and was such an attention-getter that I wanted to share it with you.

A Different Approach

Have you ever read a flyer that made you smile?  This one did just that.  And it got results. George acquired a new customer with his flyer; actually, dozens of new customers – and still counting.

I needed some work done on my deck, so after reading his flyer I called George. He came to my house, gave me an estimate and I hired him. He did a great job!  I gave George’s flyer to my next-door neighbor and George acquired another customer.  This one flyer made the rounds of my neighborhood and George was busy with work for the next two months.

I’ll bet you have never read anything like the wording on this flyer.

George Hill’s Marketing Flyer

I enjoy working around the house

Building a shelf or catching that mouse

I can fix a leak or clean your garage

And by the way of introduction,

My name is George.

Electrical, painting, any chore at all

I will provide estimates and references . . .

Just give me a call.

You will be happy with my reasonable rates

So for all seasons, get your house and garden in shape.

Free Estimates

20 Years Experience

Licensed & Insured

Call me today (George’s name and cell phone number)


Then a list of his services: painting, licensed plumber, roofing, yard work, etc.


“Present this flyer for an easy 10% off”

How You Can Do the Same

Use the A I D A Formula

Have you ever thought of writing a poem about your product or services?  It is a great way to create attention and interest.

Before writing any type of sales letter, email or marketing flyer, use the tried and true copywriting formula, AIDA:

A – Attract the reader’s attention

I – Arouse the reader’s Interest in the offer.

D – Stimulate the reader’s Desire to take the desired action.

A – Ask the reader to take the action requested.


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