Four Bad Email Habits that Hurt Sales

Have you ever spoken with a prospect who sounded very interested in your products or service

and then . . .

. . . after you sent your follow-up email, the “interested” prospect seemed to fall off the face of the earth?

If that has happened to you, you are not alone.

One reason could be the follow-up email did not answer all of the prospect’s questions.

We are all busy and we think we can write follow-up emails in short sentences as if we were sending a text message.


We need to still be in sales mode when we are following up with an email.

Don’t Kill the Interest

With your follow-up Email, don’t ruin the interest you generated with your call.

Bad follow-up email Habit Number One

1.)  You write “Dear ___ I have attached a document which will explain all of the details.

(And we should be interested in that . . . why?)

Bad follow-up Email Habit Number Two

2.)  The attachment is all about you, the seller and not what the customer gets.  (The WIIFM theory.)

Bad follow-up Email Habit Number Three

SONY DSC3.) It is written by the legal people or the accountants in your office in long paragraphs – massive chunks to read – so the customer clicks out of it – it was too boring to read. It is definitely not a sales piece.


Bad follow-up Email Habit Number Four

4.) Your follow-up email mentions about 5 different services and products and totally confuses the customer.

“A confused mind always says no.”            – Marie Forleo

Promote only one thing in one email.