A Good Manager – Positive Motivation in a Big Way

We found one of the best ever managers – and she works for Sears in Virginia Beach.

This manager did something amazing to congratulate a sales person for making a tough sale and letting everyone – yes, everyone – in the store know about it.

It was something like you would see in a movie made in Hollywood.

Here is the story:

My next-door neighbor, Tom, wanted to buy a new flat-screen television set.      flat-screen-tv-tn

He did his research online (Amazon) and in brick-and mortar stores, including Best Buy and Sams Club.

Tom found the best price for a 40-inch Toshiba flat screen TV at Amazon, but decided to check out the local Sears store.

At Sears he found an exceptional sales person in the electronics department – Norma – who was friendly and eager to help Tom find exactly the TV he wanted – at a competitive price.

At first the Sears price was a bit high.

Tom showed the Amazon print-out to Norma, who took it to her manager (sorry . . . I don’t know the manager’s name).

They worked with adjusting the numbers and finally came up with a price $17 lower than the Amazon price, including delivery!

There was a slight catch. 

Tom had to open an account at Sears . . .

. . . which was okay with him.

What happened AFTER Tom made the purchase was astonishing.

It is something I have never seen before.

Tom – the customer – was completely shocked.

Norma – the sales person – is probably still telling friends about what her manager did.

If you know of a better story I would love to hear about it.

This is what happened:

After Tom made the purchase, he was walking out of the Sears store when he saw Norma’s manager.

Tom told the manager that Norma did such a good job that Sears should double Norma’s salary.

Tom was nearly out of the store when he heard an announcement over the loudspeaker.

It was Norma’s manager, making an announcement that everyone in the store could hear.

“Congratulations to Norma in our electronics department.  female-boss-making-announcement
She just received a compliment from one of our customers
on a job well done.  
Go see Norma in electronics!”

Shoppers stopped to listen.

Tom smiled.

It was a happy, positive moment.

_   _   _   _   _

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