Are You Asking the Right Questions?

If not, you may be missing great opportunities for new business.

Common questions aren’t a bad thing, but there are uncommon questions that can help you dig even deeper to discover what the prospect really needs and wants.

The question-answer process in sales is vital not only to find, qualify and close deals, but also to offer the best possible solutions to your prospects and customers.

The key in asking the right questions is to keep them open-endedman-and-questions

Your initial questions are to establish rapport, trust and respect.

If they trust and like you they are more likely to buy.

The way to get to know your prospect is to have a dialog where they respond beyond a simple yes or no.

You can get to know their needs and wants better if you ask the right questions. These would be fact finding questions.

Open-ended questions.


“What went into the decision to purchase your copier?”

(Not “why did you buy that copier” which puts them on the defensive.)

“How are you currently handling back order situations?”

(Not “do you have a second source in case you have a back order situation?”)

“How would you describe that experience?”

Think in terms that this is an interview process. This way you will uncover information that will allow you to come back on a follow up appointment to prompt them to purchase.


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